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Feb 3, 2007

Jeffrey's conversation with Robert and Eden Sky, creators and distributors of the 13 Moon Natural Time Calendar whose underlying purpose and intention is to assist the modern human being to live in phase with the intrinsic harmony of universal natural cycles in order to embody balance with the web of life.

The calendar system was designed by Dr. Jose Arguelles and Lloydine Arguelles, well known pioneers of the Harmonic Convergence Peace Meditation of 1987 and now with the Galactic Research Institute.

Argullle's study of the Mayan Calendar, Mathematics and Time Science led him and Lloydine to design a new tool for modern humanity to apply the central essence of the Mayan insight - the cosmic code understood as the 13:20 time ratio which is the expression of the Harmonic Synchronic Order of the Universe.

The work of universalizing the Mayan code was formalized as the Dreamspell Calendar system in 1990, and since then it has evolved into an international following with participants in over 90 countries, with translations in multiple languages.