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May 26, 2008

Jeffrey's inspirational conversation with scientist/inventor Dr. Thomas Valone, President of Integrity Research Institute, Editor of Future Energy newsletter and author of 6 books, scientific studies and articles and papers related to energy in all forms.

Dr. Valone meets regularly with Congressional and Senate leaders briefing them on the latest energy developments and is a consulting fellow of the World Innovation Foundation and a member of The National Space SocietyUnion of Concerned Scientists and the Bioelectromagnetics Society.

Creator of the Photonic Rejuvenation Energizing Machine & Immunizing Electrification Radiator, the Dental Vapor Ionizer,  Powerline Gaussmeter,  Static Field Gaussmeter,  ELF spectrum analyzer, and geomagnetometer, Dr. Valone has long been playing a pivotal role towards securing sufficient energy in a sustainable way.