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Nov 28, 2008

Jeffrey's conversation with musician and performer Chris James,  a pioneer of voice and sound work, and founder of the International School of Sacred Sound and patron of the UK College of Sound Healing, Chris teaches internationally about the healing power of sound, song and meditation through discovering one's natural voice, and learning how to trust one's innate creativity and intuition to be able to perceive and express clearly.

A dynamic performer, singer and composer, Chris is able to move through an incredible vocal range from gentle pure tones into rich and strong vocals.

Teaching internationally for over 20 years, Chris has led singing at concerts, festivals and seminars, and is renowned for his ability to unite audiences of thousands as well as facilitate intimate groups.

As Chris says:

"Sound holds no social, economic or language barriers. Everybody comes together to sing with pure delight when fear of self expression is removed and joy naturally takes its place. Everyone is born with a beautiful voice, and anyone can be taught to sing in tune, and to experience the healing power of sound."