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Mar 27, 2009

Jeffrey's remarkable conversation with Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities and one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement.

She is the founder and principal teacher of the Mystery School, a school of human development and program of cross-cultural, mythic and spiritual studies, dedicated to teaching history, philosophy, the new physics, psychology, anthropology, myth and the many dimensions of human potential.

She is the Founder as well as the Program Director of the International Institute for Social Artistry.  As advisor to UNICEF in human and cultural development, the Dalai Lama and to US Presidents and Corporations, Jean has worked to implement some of their extensive educational and health programs and to encourage the creation of new ways for people to work together to help solve societal problems.

Author of twenty-six books including, The Hero and the GoddessLife ForceThe Possible Human, and Manual of the Peacemaker, Jean articulates countless ways we can re-genesis human society and through her PBS Special, A Passion for the Possible, Jean provides guidance on how one can realize one's true potential.

In Jean's own words:

"These are the mythic years. We are an emerging species, gestating in the womb of time, gods in hiding, growing the capacities to serve the Earth.  To accomplish this intent, we must explore the outer reaches of inner space.  This is where we will learn to travel the worlds of myth, symbol and creative imagination: the building blocks that can incite our lives to grow to match our dreams"