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Nov 21, 2007

Jeffrey's conversation with co-author Dr. Miceal Ledwith of The Orb Project which explores the phenomenal manifestation of light orbs that are appearing all over the world to thousands of individuals from all imaginable backgrounds.

As president of Maynooth College in Ireland and professor of systematic theology for sixteen years there, Dr. Ledwith is no stranger to mainstream religion.

Dr. Ledwith was a member of the International Theological Commission for 17 years which the Vatican created in 1969 to advise the Pope on theological matters and was given a thorough intellectual understanding of the requirements of academic rigor.

In investigating such seemingly esoteric phenomenon as orbs, these more conservative underpinnings are valuable resources for academic and critical expectations.

Many will recognize Dr. Ledwith from his appearance in the popular film, What the Bleep (do we know), which explored the acceleration of science and consciousness merging in our time.