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Dec 24, 2018

Jeffreys uplifting and inspiring conversation with New York Times bestselling author and founder of Project Heaven on Earth, Martin Rutte about the three questions that will change the world.

Oct 18, 2018

Jeffrey’s thoughts about how to overcome polarization within ourselves and life.

Aug 27, 2018

Jeffrey’s remarkable conversation with Steve McIntosh, President of The Institute for Cultural Evolution about the Integral Philosophy Movement and the role that truth, beauty and goodness play in the purpose of...

Aug 1, 2018

Jeffrey’s wonderful conversation with Kim Dandurand, inventor and founder of Aulterra International about his remarkable scientific discovery and advanced technology that neutralizes electromagnetic pollution from cell phones, WiFi and thousands of other electronic sources to create healthy environments...

Jul 18, 2018

Jeffrey’s thoughts on how to discern truth in our times.