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Aug 29, 2008

Jeffrey has an historic conversation with former Senator Gary Hart in his offices at The University of Colorado in Denver.  Senator Hart speaks about The Presidential Climate Action Project and what this project can do to address the challenges of global climate change and create a more sustainable way of living for humanity.

This interview was originally released near the date of Barack Obama's  historic acceptance speech to become the official democratic candidate for President of The United States.

Obama's remarkable speech was the culmination for the Democratic National Convention in Denver as he carefully outlined his policies and programs that he will pursue in his administration if elected. Before a huge crowd of democrats and well wishers, Obama drew rave reviews, with comparisons it to the electrifying charisma and content of John F. Kennedy's acceptance speech in 1960.

In his speech, Barack Obama promised to seriously address the issue of global climate change and forever remove American dependence on fossil fuels as the mainstay of energy for this nation.